Steve Coder

The prophet Samuel took a stone and called it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far has the Lord helped us!” 20 years earlier, Israel was waylaid at a place called Ebenezer and lost a total of 34k men. Samuel, knowing this, took a rock as a memorial of Israel’s present victory over the Philistines and named it, of all things, Ebenezer. Why? Because God wants you to know that your past defeat can, by your own choice, become your present victory and God’s present help to you!

If your life seems like you’ve been constantly pelted by lemons, then pick them up and get a sharp knife, a cutting board and a juicer and add plenty of sugar and make refreshing lemonade. Then, put it in a glass pitcher with plenty of ice and serve it to those around you. The more you’ve had thrown at you, the more refreshing you will have to give to others. God always redeems!

Thus far has the Lord helped us…

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