Steve Coder

“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” (John 14:20)

I was talking with a homeless brother yesterday who, in the course of our conversation, looked at his tattered, broken bag and said, “There’s a lot in that little bag.” He had his life’s work in it, which consisted of some wired sculpting and other necessities. He was happy and he was free!

When He spoke about his “little bag” and all that was in it, my mind raced back nearly 2000 years to a stable in Bethlehem. There, God wrapped His son in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger. To the world it was a very small package and yet, within was the hope of all men of all ages.

I love Christmas, but, I am forever grateful that He is no longer wrapped in swaddling clothes laying in a manger. The great news of Christmas is that He has now wrapped Himself up in our hearts! Incredible, overwhelming and wonderful! What a Savior!

As John said, may this be our day of realization. God is not only with us, but in us.

The Coming of Jesus Is at Hand
You Are Free!