Steve Coder

We were ministering on the streets at Five Points Park today and a lady (maybe in her early sixties) asked for prayer. We had a wonderful season of prayer and then quite a time of fellowship afterwards where she told us how she came to quit drinking. Many years ago, she was dancing all night at a bar and she realized she had about a five-foot piece of toilet paper stuck and dragging on the bottom of her shoe.

She said, “That was it! That was my sign from God. If I was so drunk that I couldn’t tell I had danced all night with toilet paper clinging to the bottom of my shoe, then I needed to quit drinking!” And with God’s help, she stopped drinking from that very night.

Awhile back, I was told that there are signs and wonders, and then there are signs that will make you wonder. 🙂 This dear sister saw her sign and didn’t wonder – she just obeyed. How refreshing! We all laughed and joined in her victory.

I wondered how many of us could read such a sign?

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